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Fall 2018 SEASON


The Fall 2018 season will include 13 guaranteed 1 hour and 15 minute games with three 20 minute running periods.

Season Schedules have been added to the Schedule, Stats and Standings page

* Players must be 21 years or older*

$325 for Players

$150 for Goalies

$75 for Team Reps 

Minimum of 14 skaters  and a goalie required

Maximum of two shared roster spots per team

Players MUST be registered with USA HOCKEY FOR THE 2018 SEASON:



All interested teams MUST submit a roster by August 24th

Registration weeks

Week #1 (July 23rd – July August 3rd) – Team Notice Intent to Play
Week #2 (July 23rd – August 24th) – Roster Submission & Team Payments
Week #3 (July 23rd – August 24th) – Individual Player Registration
Week #4 (August 20th – August 24th) – Free Agent Team Assignment(s)

 ***If rostered players miss the registration deadline (August 24th), they will lose their roster spot. No late registrations allowed.***

 Teams will be allowed to pick a schedule as soon as 12 players have registered



Registration for the upcoming season is now Closed



Free Agent Registration is Closed

Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card at the Winterhawks Skating Center. Payment can be made online by credit card ONLY.