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The Winterhawks Skating Center is home to some of the finest professional figure skating coaches in the region. Private lessons for individual skater development can be arranged directly through our qualified staff. Our Skating Director, Ikaika Young, is available to answer any questions you may have about private lessons.

Private lessons will range from basic skating, edge, and balance development to IJS (International Judging System) leveled jumps, spins, footwork and dance. Skaters will see targeted and precise skill development under a private lesson coach.

Private lessons typically range from 20-30 minutes. All coaches are private contractors and their fees vary depending on qualifications and expertise.
For more information, contact WSC Skating Director Ikaika Young at 503.297.2521 or ikaika@winterhawks.com .

Whether you’re a seasoned competitive figure skater or just getting started, there is a program just right for developing skills, confidence, and of course, having fun.