Games slots are 1 hour 15 minutes long with three 20 minute running time periods. The last two minutes of the game will be stop time if the score difference is 2 or fewer goals.

If a team has fewer than 6 players the game will be a forfeit.

Ties will be settled with a 3 round shootout. If tied after 3 rounds, the shootout will go into sudden death rounds. If after 5 total rounds there is not a winner, the game will be a tie. In the playoffs there will be a five minute sudden death overtime before the shootout. The sudden death shootout will continue until there is a winner.

Players must wear full gear, including an approved helmet.

Fighting penalties and misconduct penalties will result in ejection from the current game and suspension from the next. A second fighting or misconduct penalty will result in a 2 game suspension. A third Fighting or misconduct penalty will result in expulsion from the league and forfeiture of league dues.

If a player receives four penalties in one game, they will be ejected from that game.

Substitute players are not allowed. Only players on the team roster may play in games. Goalies are the lone exception. Rosters will be frozen after week 5 of the season.