Employee Information

  • Covid-19 Notice: 3/20/20

Beginning 3/26/20 – Winterhawks Skating Center will cease business operations for premise 9250 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. All staff will begin a minimum 14-day furlough period. During this time staff will be eligible to apply for unemployment if they so choose. Please refer to state guidelines for unemployment compensation regarding specific details and provisions surrounding application, eligibility, and collection of benefits. To assist in applying for any eligible benefits, please reference the state in which employed at www.dol.gov or by calling 1.866.4.USA.DOL.

Winterhawks Skating Center will continue employer sponsored health insurance during your time on furlough. Should employee status change; employees will be given notice of their health insurance non-renewal. 

We wish everyone the best and stay safe during this difficult times. 

-WSC Management